My Journey – Fatherhood – Week 3: The Moment

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This passed week, my parents finally got a chance to meet my son.

I had been waiting for that moment for more about a decade.

I was so happy that my parents got to meet a grandson that both of my parents are blood-related to.

I have a nephew(my half-brother’s son), but this is the first grandchild that my dad has had that isn’t through marriage.

Now, even though my nephew is not blood-related to my dad, he’s still my dad’s grandson and my dad has never treated him like he is less than that.

And my nephew isn’t any less “family” than my son is to our family, but I just wanted to give my dad a blood-related grandchild because I didn’t want him to be “left out”.

My dad being “left out” may be all in my head, but I’m glad he got a chance to meet my son.


The Moment

Preparing for my parents to meet our son was a bit stressful.

My girlfriend and I don’t usually have guests over so anticipating a couple of house-guests, even if they are my parents, is stressful.

My parents arrived a bit late but it wasn’t too bad.

My girlfriend did a great job cleaning the apartment and making sure they had beverages in the fridge. I picked up a pizza from the local Costco just in case they wanted some food.

With everything set, there was nothing left to do besides waiting for my parents’ arrival.

During the day, my girlfriend expressed that she may have a bit out trouble letting go of our baby for my parents to hold.

When my parents arrived, she did show some resistance, but she was a great sport about it and the night went great.

Seeing my parents holding my son and how happy they were holding him touched my heart deeply and is something I will remember for the rest of my life.

My parents are not very excitable people, so to have them so excited and happy while holding my son felt amazing!!

Thinking about the moment actually makes me a bit emotional because it’s been a long time coming and it made me so happy.


Sooner Or Later

Lately, I’ve started to feel much more connected to my son.

More and more I am feeling like he is my son and that our bond is becoming more prevalent.

As I mentioned before, I struggled with whether or not he and I were going to bond during his first week of existence.

But the early mornings alone with my son while my girlfriend sleeps as I feed him and finally changing his diapers have made me feel closer to him.

Even though I don’t feel completely bonded to my son yet, I know I am on the right path and it doesn’t feel like a struggle anymore, instead I am confident it’ll come sooner or later.


Worth It In The End

Becoming a parent has been a bit tougher than I thought it would be.

I thought my girlfriend and I would have much more time to get work done.

This post was supposed to be written this passed Thursday but here I am writing it four days later.

My girlfriend and I are trying to find a schedule that will help us get more sleep and free time.

I figure this would come with time and experience as well, until then, we will continue to be sleep deprived and stretched thin.

But even though it’s currently a bit of a struggle figuring out a schedule that works, every time I see our son’s face, I realize it’s all worth it.


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