My Journey – Fatherhood – Week 4: Closer

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“Don’t Blink”

Today our son is officially 4 weeks old.

We went to Target a couple days ago, at the self-checkout, the associate took a peek at our baby and told me how cute he is, then she said “don’t blink”. That advice could not have come at a more applicable time, because right now I am looking back and wondering where all that time has gone.

I could remember just over 4 weeks ago when we were on-call, waiting to get induced, it seems like that was just days ago.

Our son is getting so big so quickly. I feel so helpless because I wish time would slow down so I could spend more time with him while he is still little.

He’s already outgrown his Newborn diapers and most of his Newborn clothes, time is slipping through my fingers too quickly, I don’t like it.



During week 4, my girlfriend and I figured out a way to get our son to stay asleep longer.

There were a couple nights where I was up until 5 A.M. trying to get him to sleep.

I was starting to get worried that we would not be able to get him to sleep long enough to do chores or just to have time to ourselves.

We even got a thrush medication for our son to take.

Around the time he started his thrush medication, we also started focusing on swaddling him better and putting him in his crib. It seems the combination of these things have helped with his sleep issue.

Now, he is still a baby and he will still wake up every couple hours to feed and fuss but he’s gotten noticeably better.

My girlfriend and I have even had more quality time together since this improvement.

I’ve been feeling less stressed about the situation and more positive that everything is proceeding normally.


Rough Patches

Me and my girlfriend’s relationship was still pretty new when we got pregnant with our son.

It was only about 7 months in when we went in for our first ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy, which where we saw our son’s heartbeat for the first time.

Since that point, we’ve moved out together, bought furniture and other household items together and gave birth to our son.

Currently, we’re trying to get to know each other on a deeper level.

Since the beginning of our relationship, it seems like we’ve constantly had to quickly transition from one phase to another even when we weren’t ready.

The progression of our relationship has been accelerated due to the pregnancy then, of course, the birth of our son. Having things move so quickly in a relationship has made for many rough patches. And although each rough patch is tough, they’ve also been necessary.

With each hardship that we’ve pushed through, it seems our relationship has gotten stronger and we were able to understand each other better after the dust settles.

We sometimes would ask the other “are you sure you want to be with me?”, I think the fact that we’re both asking each other the same thing means that we want the same from each other, which means that we still love each other and want to be together…I’m assuming.



As time goes, I feel more and more confident taking care of my son…as expected.

Even changing poopy diapers don’t seem as bad anymore.

I find that I’ve been more patient and calm when it comes to my son. In turn, I think I am gradually feeling closer to our son.

And based on the reaction my son has when I comfort him after a hysterical cry or when I pick him up while he is in the crib crying, I would like to believe that he is feeling closer to me also.

One could only hope.



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