My Journey – Entry 2: Week 22 – It’s Huge For A Baby Store

A couple days ago, we decided to go to Buy Buy Baby in Tukwila, WA. Oh my gosh!! It is truly a one stop shop for baby stuff. Target, Fred Meyer, and Walmart have nothing on them! This place was overloaded of traditional and new age products and ideas. Nowadays, there are first time parents between the ages of teen to 40’s and even 50’s, there was even a woman that had a baby at age 67. At Buy Buy Baby there is something for every generation of seasoned and first time parents from Generation X to Millennial’s to Generation Z…Even Baby Boomers.


Inside Buy Buy Baby In Tukwila, WA
Inside Buy Buy Baby In Tukwila, WA


Buy Buy Baby is so full of baby stuff that it makes me wonder why people are going to other brick-and-mortar stores to shop. I would image that…if were a brick-and-mortar, Buy Buy Baby would be what their baby section would look like. If you’re expecting and you haven’t been to a Buy Buy Baby store, check it out!

During this passed week, we picked up a few other items for baby. Besides grabbing a few things from Buy Buy Baby, we bought a few items from Fred Meyer and a consignment store in Gig Harbor, WA called Animal Crackers. We’ve decided that we should start focusing on getting clothing items that range from 3-6 months because having a clothes that are too big is better than too small.

While the adventure rolls on…we have another ultrasound appointment coming up next week, another chance to see our baby again. As mentioned before, we need to rescan his heart to make sure that it’s okay. Scans from a couple weeks ago were not clear enough to satisfactorily determine this.

Months ago, I was unable to determine whether a movement in my girlfriend’s tummy was gurgling or baby. I would spend minutes with my hand on her belly trying to feel any type of movement baby was making, hoping to make a connection with my son. My girlfriend had been feeling his flutters since about week 15 and I was feeling a bit left out. Since week 20ish, I’ve been able to distinguish the difference between baby and gurgles. His kicks and punches have been getting stronger, as is my connection with my him. It used to feel like our baby was at the clinic and every time we went in for an ultrasound, we were visiting our baby. Now, I actually feel like he’s here hanging out with us most of the time.

I’ve also been talking to our baby periodically, hoping that once he’s born, he’ll be able to recognize my voice. I’ve been speaking to him in both English and Mien(An Asian Language), telling him “I love you” and “this is daddy” in both languages. I will continue to speak to him in both languages increasingly as the weeks go on. At this moment, our baby is just over 1 pound(0.45 kg) and between 11-12 inches tall. Like many other babies he likes to stay busy at night and sleep during the day. My girlfriend’s bump is getting bigger and our baby is making it hard for her with everything from nausea to soreness in her lower back. She’s been a trooper though, I can’t imagine how hard it is for her to do every little thing, but she does it with grace and beauty.

To his mom: I love you and our son very much. Thank you for doing everything that you do.



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