My Journey – Entry 3: Week 23 – My Son’s Heart Of Gold

My son is so awesome! What a heart of gold! Let me explain…we went to the ultrasound clinic again, this time we finally got confirmation that our son’s heart is doing great! Even though we only had to confirm his heart’s condition because the original images weren’t clear enough to satisfactorily say it is okay, and not because there was an indication otherwise, just knowing that his heart is doing well really gives me a huge sigh of relief.

Also during the ultrasound appointment, we got to see our son in action again. This time, we kinda saw our son’s personality and attitude. We saw him throw his first tantrum! I can’t help but laugh at him, I love seeing how good he looks and how well his personality is developing. Man, I love this kid!

During this passed week, we also got our Travel System: The Evenflo Pivot. This system includes: A stroller frame that has a bassinet for the infant stage that converts into a toddler seat for the toddler stages. It also comes with a car seat base and the car seat itself that attaches to the stroller frame for a more traditional stroller look. All stroller attachments can be reversible so that we can have our baby facing us or facing forward. It’s pretty awesome because everything clips on without any fastening or tightening. All adjustments can easily be done by flipping a lever, connecting a clip or hitting a button. I’ll post a review at a later date.

As our son’s due date approaches, the closer I feel to my girlfriend and the more I feel like we’re a family. Along with these feelings is the reality that our day to day life is going to change drastically. At the moment, we are able to go out whenever we want and do whatever we want. Soon, we’ll have to figure schedules out, who’ll be watching the baby, who’s doing the grocery shopping, who’s doing the laundry and when we can have a night out together or if we actually want to leave the house. There is no doubt that our lives will change and alone time will become more scarce, but even with all the upcoming changes, I can only imagine how much greater me and my girlfriend’s life together will be after our baby joins us as we form our own little family.

I’m starting to realize that the connection with my boy is growing greater and greater with every passing week. Everything feels like it’s sinking in more and more every time I place my hand over my girlfriend’s belly to feel my son move while he punches and kicks. My visions of my son and I hanging out late at night while my girlfriend lays down to rest are becoming more vivid. My excitement and anticipation grows every time I feel his punches and kicks but yet a calm-loving feeling comes over me as I feel him settling down as if he feels his dad next to him, or that he’s with his mommy and daddy and that all is right in the world.






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