My Journey – Week 24: Hearing Is Believing

This week has been a very productive week in My Journey to becoming a father. Sometimes in life, a moment can seem perfect. Our baby boy is kicking and punching steadily and with a lot of strength. My girlfriend and I are doing great…I feel like I am constantly finding more things about her endearing and special. I fall in love with her almost on a daily basis.

During Week 25 I’ve started doing a lot of “daddy” things. We found out that the primitive memory of our son has started developing and he’s starting to remember music and voices so I’ve been reading to our baby nightly(around the time he’s waking up). The book that I’ve been reading is “Goodnight Moon”. I’ve made it a point to read it loud enough so that he can hear me. Hopefully when I read the book to him after he is born, he gives me a smile or some type of indication that he recognizes the words of the book and the voice reading it to him.

Another first that came out of Week 25 is that I started playing music for him. Don’t judge! But I played a couple of *NSYNC songs for him. First was “This I Promise You” and the second was “It’s Gonna Be Me”. One slow, one a little more upbeat. I was a teenager when these songs came out, the songs still hold a place in my heart.

Today, my girlfriend and I went to do a little bit more shopping for our baby. We went to a couple stores inside Southcenter Mall in Tukwila, WA. We first went to Gymboree, turns out, the store is closing and all items are 60%-70% off at the time of writing this. We only found one item that we really liked…a pair of Birkenstock-esc sandals. Crazy 8, a store next door to Gymboree was also closing with huge sales but we didn’t find anything good. We checked out the baby sections of Sears and Old Navy but found nothing worth having. Buy Buy Baby was also a stop but also just to browse. Burlington for the first time and it was pleasantly surprising! They had a nice selection of baby clothes and other baby stuff. We found a few pieces that we had to have, all at a very good deal! Most of it was more than 50% off the ticketed price. So if you want to grab some baby clothes, good deals and good selections can be found at Burlington.

We also made a stop at my parents house to show them a short video of my son throwing a tantrum. While we were there, I showed my girlfriend a picture book containing pictures of me as a baby and an adolescent. We were somewhat trying to figure out what our baby will look like once he’s born. Turns out, my girlfriend and I both had hair when we were born. While I have dark hair now, I was born with blonde hair. My girlfriend also had blonde-ish hair and our eyes are similar in shape. I can’t wait to see which combination of us he ends up with.

All in all, it’s been a pretty good week on the “Daddy” side. It’s been pretty painful for my girlfriend though. She started waddling today, to relieve some of her pain, I’ve been rubbing her back a lot more and our baby’s punching and kicking has actually started hurting her. Baby punches and kicks on the bladder doesn’t sound very fun! But we’re happy to know that our baby is doing great and feeling strong.

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