My Journey: Week 25 – Consignment Shops Rock!

Today, our baby is as tall as a celery stalk and he is 1.68 lbs.(.762 kg), well on his way to become the greatest athlete or scholar of all time!

Week 26…children/baby consignment shops rock! Yesterday my girlfriend and I went to our first baby consignment shop, Heaven Sent Children’s Resale in Federal Way, WA. It was a surprisingly pleasant experience! Now, when we think of consignment shops, we think of used, but this one happened to have a lot of new items also. Prices were very reasonable, many outfit sets were only about $5, the shop even had a few $1 bins full of decent baby clothes. Besides clothes, there were baby toys, strollers, high chairs, bassinets and many other non-clothing items. There were even items for bigger kids…like myself 🙂 The only problem with consignment shops for me is that I am kind’ve a germ-a-phobe.

In a couple weeks, we will be going in for our last monthly appointment before they become biweekly appointments. In the coming biweekly appointments, we will be meeting other doctors at our clinic…Northwest Women’s Healthcare in Seattle, WA. So far we’ve only been meeting with our primary OBGYN but because she may not be available when it’s time to deliver, we have to meet other doctors at NW Women’s Healthcare to become more family. Biweekly appointments are a sign that we are approaching the home stretch and we’ll meet our son soon!

My girlfriend has been having Braxton Hicks contractions. These are tightening or cramping of the abdomen during pregnancy described as “practice” contractions. My girlfriend has been having them pretty often and she says they are very uncomfortable especially when we are out walking around. Besides the contractions, she’s been having a lot of trouble getting around because the baby claiming much more of her abdominal space as he is getting bigger. She doesn’t eat very much before feeling full or bloated then has to stop for a bit before eating again, even when she is still hungry. An early pregnancy symptom has also reared it’s ugly head: nausea. Even though she’s going through all these symptoms and discomforts, she remains calm and beautiful and I cannot adore her more. She is so precious to me.

Also during this week, I was away from my girlfriend and son for a few days and I actually started to miss my son(missing my girlfriend is a given). As the delivery date gets closer, I am gradually feeling more and more like it’s real. Strangely, this pregnancy hasn’t completely sunken in yet. I have a feeling that once I meet my son and hold him for the first time, it’ll all finally become real…all in that moment. Regardless, there have been moments where I am overcome with happiness and anticipation. Meeting my son will be the missing piece of my life, because I’ve already found the other piece…my car…just kidding, my girlfriend!


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