My Journey – Week 29: My Crib

Today our baby is 2.89 lbs.(1.31 kg) and is 15.7 inches…the size of a zucchini.


30 Weeks And Counting

At the time of writing this, my girlfriend and I are in week 30(title says “week 29” because I will be talking about some of the events of this passed week). Week 30 means that our baby boy will be joining us in about 2-2.5 months. For the most part, it still seems surreal. I am going to have my first child. We’re trying hard to make sure he has everything he needs when he arrives. At times, I feel like he can’t arrive soon enough, other times I feel like he’s arriving too soon and that I’m not prepared for him yet. Regardless of what I may feel in the moment, his arrival is near and ready or not, he will be coming soon.


Getting Serious

Looking back, it’s been a very long 7.5 months. I assume that it’s even longer for my girlfriend because she’s the one carrying our boy. But thinking about all the pregnancy symptoms earlier on and how hard it was on my girlfriend, I could only imagine how miserable her days were. Besides the symptoms, countless things have changed. The relationship between me and my girlfriend have gotten really serious. I know what you’re saying…”you’re having a baby, it’s supposed to be serious”…of course it’s supposed to be this way but I just miss the slightly less serious moments. I miss being able to take her to the bar to have a drink or going on a short vacation to the beach. I miss when we were able to enjoy each others company during carefree moments. Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to having our son here with us and creating new memories with him, sometimes I look back and wish that my girlfriend and I would’ve had more time to get to know each other before having a baby.


Times Are Tough

These last few months have been pretty rocky. We moved out to Federal Way, WA last December. We were able to enjoy our first and last Christmas with just the 2 of us.. But since moving into our own place, it seems like the “real” us have come out. Maybe living with so many people before made us keep our “true” selves hidden away. Or maybe we’ve just gotten so comfortable with each other that we are finally able to show the other sides of ourselves. Regardless of what’s happening, the last 5 months have been very trying times…talks about religion for our baby(and ourselves)…compromising on how we will raise our baby…deciding on everything from the brand of diapers to get for him to whether we should get a co-sleeper or a crib right off the bat. While we are figuring things out as we go, sometimes I wonder why things are so hard and if they will get better soon. Times are tough, but I have been there for my girlfriend as much as I can and I have yet to miss one of her doctor’s appointment.


Meeting More Doctors

This week, we met another doctor at our OB clinic. This is in preparation for the birth of our child as the clinic recommends that we meet other doctors they have on staff just in case our primary doctor isn’t available, there is a good chance that a familiar face will be there when we go in for the delivery. Meeting this other doctor was a pleasant experience. You can tell she has a lot of experience in her field. She was very accommodating and reassuring with a nice tone to her voice. She made us feel very comfortable. She also said that our baby is doing very well and that he might already be faced down based on what she was able to feel.


More Appointments

After a couple more biweekly appointments, we will be switching to weekly appointments. There is some dread there because not only is it somewhat of a long drive into Seattle, our doctor’s office is in Capitol Hill(one of the more busy parts of Seattle) and we have to schedule appointments earlier in the day to avoid traffic on the way back. Seattle area traffic sucks!!


The Crib

During this week, we found a great deal on a crib that we’ve been eyeing. It was regularly priced at $299.99 but we got it for $250 and it came with a $40 gift card. A full $90 off the original price. Besides the crib, we haven’t done much shopping for our baby lately. We’ve gotten almost everything we need for our baby’s arrival besides a few loose ends. We are also expecting some free baby stuff from a friend who just had a baby boy. We are close to being fully prepared for our baby finally.


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