My Journey – Week 30: The Milestone

Today, our baby is 3.31(1.5 kg) lbs and 16.1(40.8 cm) inches tall…about the height of a stalk of asparagus.


The Good Of The Rough

In the last post into “My Journey” I talked about how tough the last few months have been and I wondered when it’ll get better. What I neglected to include was that it hasn’t all been bad. In the midst off all the “bad” that I spoke of, there were some good sprinkled in there. My girlfriend and I still love each other and the relationship is/was doing well, we have been in a transition period where we are going to introduce a third person into our family and because this third person is our son and he will be a baby, it gets tricky. What I tried to describe to you was a period of adversity or a rough patch in our relationship that once we get passed it, our relationship will be better than it was.


The Milestone

It was a milestone as far as numbers go, we finally hit Week 30. Week 30 had been a very eventful week for us. During Week 30, I assembled our baby’s crib, got a Newton crib mattress from Buy Buy Baby(a baby store in Tukwila, WA), picked up a couple books for our boy, we also got a changing pad off of Amazon and we rearranged our bedroom to make space for his crib. I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but we also picked up an Owlet Smart Sock 2 for our son. Even without a doctor’s appointment in the mix, it had been a busy week for us.


Peace Of Mind

The Owlet Sock 2 will monitor the baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels to make sure our baby stays within safe ranges so that we can have peace of mind. The sock will alert us both through an app on our phones and a base that comes with the sock if the levels go above or below the safe ranges or if the sock has fallen off or not on correctly. This purchase might be a “new parent” purchase, but I like what it does and I’m sticking to it!


Bye Bye Buy Buy Baby

We purchased the baby mattress twice from Buy Buy Baby!! Let me explain, during the visit to Buy Buy Baby when we bought the mattress the first time, while checking out, the cashier asked if we had any coupons. That’s when I inquired about coupons and found out that there is a 20% Off coupon that we can get by signing up for offers here. After receiving the coupon, we went back to return the mattress, looked at other mattresses, then purchased the Newton one again, this time, we got 20%($60) off. We’ve only returned one item to Buy Buy Baby ever and I already don’t like it. After returning the item, it seemed like we were being watched by the customer service reps. One even came up to us and asked why we returned the Newton Mattress because it’s the best selling baby mattress they have. I told her that we wanted to look around some and also because we wanted to use our coupon. When we got back up to the register, a rep…that had no contact with us before…asked us if we were buying the same mattress again. Now, when I go to Target or most stores to return items, I don’t think the whole store knows about it. This made me not want to go in there ever again.


Cute Books

The books that we got for our son are “Love You Forever” and “Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site”. Both books are very cute and I plan on reading them to our son before and after he is born. My advice would be to get them from Amazon because the prices are so much better.


In Closing

With the recent additions, we are getting very close to being ready for the arrival of our son…”material-wise”. Emotionally though, I have my good days and my bad days. Some days, I can’t wait for him to join our family and allow us to create memories with him. On the other hand, sometimes I don’t feel like I am ready. I think about the crying, being up at weird hours of the day and night and of course…the diapers. In addition to that, I touched on it in the last “My Journey” post that the date nights will become few and far between. But part of me feels like I need him. His existence will push me to become a better man. He will push me to achieve more in my life and perhaps find a way to a more comfortable income level so that he has everything he needs…at least until he’s 18 years old haha. So regardless of how I feel in this moment, I know I will rise to the occasion. And as far as me and my girlfriend’s relationship goes, we seem to be slowly getting through the rough patch. Sometimes we’re taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back, but as long as we’re still moving forward, then something is going right. And the belief that things will be fine will guide us and give us the strength to get through this together as a couple.


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