My Journey – Week 33: The Perfect Moment

Today, our son is 4.63 pounds(2.1 kg) and 17.7 inches tall. About the size of a butternut squash.


Bedside Manner

This week, we met another doctor from our clinic Northwest Women’s Healthcare. She was a nice doctor with great bedside manner. In fact, all 3 doctors that we’ve met have great bedside manner. They all have a very nice soothing tone to their voices which shows that they are very caring. My girlfriend wanted a clinic with only women and we found a great one. Everybody, including the nurses, assistants and receptionists are very patient and always seem to be in a good mood. My girlfriend and I are very satisfied with the services that they provide. Thank you Northwest Women’s Healthcare!!



Yesterday, our friend gave us a bunch of hand-me-down baby clothes which we are very thankful for. We had a pretty good collection of them already but the hand-me-downs got us where we needed to be. As my girlfriend put it: “you can’t have too little, but you can have too much”. I agree. Having too much baby clothes isn’t a bad thing, it just means that we will have a bigger backlog and a smaller amount of laundry. Especially because we are living in an apartment that doesn’t a have washer and dryer in the unit!! In fact, none of the units do, so lugging laundry up and down the stairs isn’t what we want to do, but we’ll make it work.


Stronger Than Ever

Lately, things have been very good between my girlfriend and I. It seems that every disagreement turns into a good talk. Things don’t seem to fester the way that they used to. Her and I spend almost every moment of every day together, and we’re able to get along great. If that’s not an indication that we’re good together, I don’t know what is. I have no doubt that we will be great parents to our son, to provide him with unconditional love and support always. Sometimes, the universe seems to come through at the right time. Me and my girlfriend’s rough patch seems to have subsided and our love is stronger than ever. Just in time because our son is projected to join us in just over a month but it can be as soon as 3 weeks. I love the family that I have now which is just me and my girlfriend but I will love the family that we will become once our son is here with us. I can’t wait!!


Worth It In The End

Things seem to be winding down as preparation for our baby is almost done. At the moment, we only have a few things left to pick up and the main focus is on going to all our appointments and me making sure that my girlfriend is doing good. We are keeping an eye on her blood pressure and her kidneys to confirm that they are normal. She’s been in a lot of pain lately. Our baby has moved down a bit so there isn’t much pressure on her lungs and stomach anymore but her hips are in a massive amount of pain. My son is constantly sticking his feet into her ribs and pushing on her bladder. The Braxton Hicks Contractions seem to be happening more often than before, adding to her discomfort. I look at her and I feel bad that I can’t do more to relieve her pain. But I am also glad that she is able to tough it out. I try to do as much as I can for her while reminding her that it’ll all be worth it in the end. She knows I love her very much. And that I think she is amazing for going through this process.


Father/Son Connection

I mentioned before that I can feel full movements from my son lately. Instead of quick punches and kicks, my son is now dragging his hands and feet across my girlfriend’s belly. These movements are probably due to the amount of space he currently has inside the womb now because of his current size but I’d also like to think that he is now strong enough to make these movements. That he’s trying to say “hi” to his parents. But now, his movements have evolved again. He is now poking his hands and feet outward against my girlfriend’s belly and keeping it there for extended amounts of time.  These movements and pokes are very special to me. Whenever he pushes his hands or feet out, I like to put a hand there. I feel like I am having a moment with him. The connection becomes real as I keep my hand on there as longs as he’s poking his hand or foot outward. I hope that he knows it’s his daddy on the other side of the belly.



Sometimes in life, there are moments where things just seem perfect. In these moments, there are lots of joy, happiness and also a little bit of fear. Fear that this moment isn’t going to last. That it can’t be sustained. I try to stay positive and be in the moment but it’s hard sometimes. I can’t remember a moment when I was this genuinely happy. I have a beautiful girlfriend, we have a baby boy on the way and we have everything we need. My relationship between me and my parents is also great now. What more can I ask for? Still, I want more. More money so that my girlfriend, my son and I will be able to live more comfortably. More time to spend with my girlfriend and my son when he arrives. But I can’t complain because for once in my life, I am happy and I am aware of it. So with this gift, I will live in this moment as long as I can. I love my son, I love my girlfriend, I love my parents, I love myself and I love my life. It’s a strange and unfamiliar feeling but I know that I deserve to feel this way. And I feel blessed to be able to share this moment with my son, my girlfriend, my parents and those around me.



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