My Journey – Week 36: 2 Week Notice

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Today, our son weighs 6.17 pounds and is 18.9 inches tall…about the height of Romaine Lettuce.


At the moment of writing this, we are at Full Term!! This means that our baby is fully developed and if he chooses to come out now, he will be fine. Our baby can come out anytime between now(37 weeks) and 3 weeks from now(40 weeks). I am so excited!!


This week has been a pretty good week for me and my girlfriend. We got a few gifts from our friends via a couple of Facebook posts of our registry. The few gifts helped out a lot because we are currently on a budget…just for now though, because we’re going to find a way to become comfortable or even well off!! We were also able to wash most of the baby stuff from bottles and clothes and blankets. We are just about ready for his arrival. We also found out that my girlfriend had dilated about half a centimeter earlier this week. Currently, she has dilated a full centimeter due to our son’s body lowering and the constant Braxton Hicks contractions.


Facebook Baby Shower

I mentioned above that we had a few things gifted from our friends: a breathable baby mattress cover, a carabiner for shopping bags and purses, natural baby shampoo, a nice diaper bag and a warm blanket for the cold nights. Earlier on, we also got a couple baby books from my girlfriends uncle and a few bags of hand-me-down baby clothes from my girlfriend’s friend. I’d say that we are doing pretty good considering we didn’t have a baby shower.


Last Dinner Before Baby?

A couple days ago, my girlfriend and I went on what was most likely our final date before our baby’s arrival. We went to see the movie Godzilla: King of The Monsters. After the movie, we had dinner at Olive Garden. It’s kinda funny that we chose Olive Garden because my boss’s boss used to call my girlfriend “Olive Garden”, long story short, he caught us when were leaving work on our way to dinner for our first date…at Red Robin. For some reason, he started referencing Olive Garden, I don’t know why. Anyway, at Olive Garden, we both took advantage of their Buy One, Take One promotion. I got their Ziti dish for there and took home some Fettuccine Alfredo. My girlfriend got Ravioli for there and brought home some Spaghetti. For appetizers, I had Gnocchi soup and she got salad…I had some of her salad also. Instead of getting dessert there, we picked up a couple slices of pie for my girlfriend and a Blue Moon for me. This was a nice “cheat” day from my diet. Our waitress was fantastic. She did a great job anticipating what we needed.


2 Week Notice

It’s kinda crazy to think that our son is nearly here. We are in our final stretch and it still feels surreal. We’ve decided that we will probably schedule an induction at around 39 weeks if our baby doesn’t choose to come out by then. This means that we have about 2 weeks max!! Sometimes I look into our baby’s swing and I picture him in there sleeping while I stare at him sleeping peacefully or awake and enjoying the motions of the swing while I sing to him. Other times, I imagine myself holding him while staring into his eyes even if he is unable to see me initially. Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I toss and turn with frustration as I try to fall back asleep, I think to myself that if my son were here, I would gladly wake up to watch him while he’s awake or even when he sleeps. Sometimes, when I go to visit my parents, I see my dad’s eyes light up when he sees me, and I’m 36 years old. I can only imagine how much joy our son will bring me each time I see him. I can already feel my eyes lighting up.



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