My Journey: Week 37 – Super Baby

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Today, our son is 6.61 pounds and 19.6 inches tall. He is the size of a winter melon and each of his hands are the size of one side of a Rubic’s Cube.


Week 37 was the first full week of our baby at full term. This means that he is fully developed and whenever he decides to come out, he’s good to go. It’s kinda crazy knowing that we have a full sized baby still in my girlfriend’s tummy. I can imagine his movements being that of a newborn but restricted by the space that he has inside my girlfriend’s tummy. I can’t wait for his arrival and I still fantasize about holding him, staring at him as he sleeps, singing to him and much more. I can’t wait to teach him things and show him the right way to do things or to how to behave. I’m going to have so much fun with him!



This week, we were able to finish doing the rest of his laundry. All his stuff is washed and the crib mattress cover and bed sheet were put on. We also got our’s and his hospital bag packed and ready to grab whenever the moment comes. The car seat is in the car but the car seat base hasn’t been secured yet. It’s in the car, that’s all that matters for now. This preparation has relieved a lot of me and my girlfriend’s nagging stress. All that’s left to do now is for him to be ready, because we are ready for him…well, my girlfriend has to get further ahead on her homework still but we’re just about ready.


From Baby To Senior Citizen

My diet is going pretty well! I’ve been on it for a little under 4 weeks and I’ve already lost 15 pounds. No boot camps and no Lipozene :). I feel a so much leaner and lighter. My movements are less labored also. I’ve been doing 46 minutes a day, 4-5 days a week on the treadmill at 4.0 speed and an incline level of 4. 46 minutes because I want to do at least a full 45 minutes at 4.0 speed. Because the treadmill starts at a very slow speed of about 0.5 I think and it takes 15-20 seconds to reach 4.0 speed, I thought I’d tack on an extra minute on my timer. I’ve also been blocking the timer with my sweatshirt so that I’m able to see how much time has passed. This, for the most part, has made the treadmill time feel a lot shorter. The treadmill along with a 1,500 calorie per day diet has done wonders with my weight so far. I can’t wait to have my liver and cholesterol checked again, my liver…to see if I still have a fat layer over it, and my cholesterol to see if I’ve been able to lower the bad parts and raise the good parts. Like I’ve said before, I have to be there for my son and my girlfriend. There is no other option for me. I have plans to see my son graduate from college(something I never did) and to see him become a senior citizen also.


Super Baby

My girlfriend has been going through all kinds of pain…just about every pregnancy symptom in the book she has had. You name it, she’s probably experienced it. This is part of the reason why we are saying he that will be a super baby. But at this moment, my girlfriend is in constant discomfort or pain. It’s hard for her to get comfortable when trying to sleep. Her hips hurt, her back hurts, she has trouble maneuvering in bed and sitting up. On top of all that, she is being bruised from the inside out from the constant movements our son is making. From what she tells me, his movements can be really strong and they are causing her lots of pain. I feel really bad for her…but like I said, our son is a super baby!


Casually Late

Tonight, we have been doing things to provoke her water to break. We’ve been doing Asian squats(squatting into a crouch with both feet flat on the floor), we plan to get an exercise ball for her to bounce/squat on, have her eat spicy foods and a few other things. We are only a few days from Father’s Day and having him on or before Father’s Day would be great. Regardless, I’ll be overjoyed whenever he decides to arrive. Maybe he’s on Asian time(a little late) or maybe he just wants to be casually late like the cool kids.


Mama’s Boy

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about whether I want to be the strict dad or the lenient dad. I’m hoping I can balance it so that my kid doesn’t hate me or is afraid of me and at the same time making sure that he isn’t spoiled or is disrespectful towards me or his mom. I want him to be able to ask me for help or advice. I want to be his dad and his friend. But I want him to listen and behave when I ask him to. I want the best of both worlds. As a dad, I feel like I would be harder on a son than a daughter. This may sound a little weird or discriminative, but that’s why you have Mama’s Boys and Daddy’s Girls. Mom’s are just easier on the boys and dad’s are just easier on the girls.


A Moment’s Notice

The wait is still on. We still don’t know when he will arrive and our doctor said that conditions have to be right for an induction to take place at 39 weeks. My girlfriend has to be dilating a certain amount, I don’t remember what the exact amount is but if she doesn’t reach that amount, we may be looking at a week 41 induction. At this moment though, I feel somewhat uneasy because I feel like we have to be ready to rush off to the hospital at a moment’s notice. While this may or may not be the case, I have an underlying worried feeling because the drive to the hospital is about 45 minutes in regular traffic and potentially double that in heavy traffic. And traffic sucks in the Seattle area! At the same time, I believe that everything will be fine. But waiting is painful sometimes because I can’t wait for his arrival. I just try to keep in mind that he’ll arrive when he’s meant to arrive, and that it’ll happen soon.

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