Sympathy weight…

My girlfriend’s been pregnant for about 29 weeks now. I think at this point I know some of reasons why some fathers-to-be also gain weight during a pregnancy…ladies I’m not saying it’s your fault, in fact it’s ours. But the temptations are real!


Here are the reasons that I’ve come across so far:


1) Stress

Some of the Sympathy Weight comes from stress. When becoming a father for the first time, in my experience, I’ve been in a good amount of stress. Everything from wondering if the baby is okay to making sure certain foods are okay for my girlfriend to eat can, when answers are not clear, stress can be provoked. Helping my girlfriend deal with pregnancy symptoms can be tough at times. I think the key for me is to be strong, when she looks to me for help(or strength) I’m here for her. Sometimes the stress gets to me and food becomes my source of comfort so I eat. This isn’t good and I don’t condone it but it happens.

2) “I Don’t Want It Anymore”

During this pregnancy(especially in the beginning of the pregnancy, I remember my girlfriend would crave very specific foods. Things like “Hawaiian Pan Pizza” from Pizza Hut or “Fritos Burrito” from Taco Bell. Often times, right before I get home with the item, she changes her mind. I hate seeing food go to waste, so I eat it. This also happens before I get done preparing food sometimes.

3) “I Can’t Eat It”

After picking up or preparing food, she has a bite of it then decides she doesn’t want it or can’t eat it. Somewhat of the same as reason #1 and the result is the same. I end up eating it.

4) “I Want You To Eat With Me”

When it all goes well, after picking up the food or preparing food, she tastes it and decides she still wants to eat it, sometimes she’ll want me to eat with her, so I do. Sometimes it’s an extra meal in a day. Tastes great but it’ll add sympathy weight.

5) Her Food Looks Good

Getting my girlfriend food or preparing it for her is supposed to be just that, getting food for her. But it often leads to me smelling the food while she’s eating it then staring over at it. “Damn that food looks good!!” “Now I want some!!” Receiving a bite off her plate is just the appetizer, “I gotta grab some for myself.” So now, I have a plate in front of me and I eat up.

I have high cholesterol so I am at on the treadmill for 100-160 minutes a week to fight off the weight and the bad cholesterol. The temptations and food intake can be bad for my health but my responsibilities are clear…whatever it takes i have to be there for my baby and my girlfriend. Only about 11 weeks to go!!







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