Top 7 Places To Sell Baby Clothes: #4 May Surprise You

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Do you have a huge stash of baby clothes sitting in your garage?

Is your baby growing more quickly than expected and your baby’s clothes from the 6 month stage is starting to pile on top of the 3 month and newborn clothes?

Below, I’ll give you my top 7 places to sell baby clothes.

Now, what is the best place, app or website to sell baby clothes?

It all depends on your situation. In this post, you will find a bunch of options that will help you sell your old baby clothes, regardless of whether it’s new or used.

Keep in mind that the best place to sell your used baby clothes isn’t always the best place to sell your new baby clothes. I’ll explain more later.

I will also include the best places to donate baby clothes for the parents that just want to get rid of them.


Top 7 Places To Sell Baby Clothes

Selling baby clothes online on a website or app will usually fetch you more money than most other places. It may also take much more time.

While selling to a store will usually get you less money for your baby clothes, items will usually sell a lot more quickly.

Let’s get started on my top 7 places to sell baby clothes.


Sell your baby clothes on eBay

1. Sell Your Baby Clothes On

Regardless of whether you’re using or the eBay app to sell, eBay is a very popular platform for selling just about everything, including baby clothes and other baby items that your baby no longer needs.

If you don’t have an eBay membership, it’s free and easy to sign up. Click here to create an eBay account and start selling.

Find out more about creating an eBay account here.

On eBay, you can sell your items by posting them for different amounts of time. You can have an auction that’s up for 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10 days. If it’s a fixed price or “Buy It Now” posting, it can be posted until it sells or when you cancel it.


How It eBay Works(short explanation):

  • Take pictures of your unwanted baby clothes and baby items.
  • Post on eBay in either “Buy It Now”(Fixed Price) or Auction format.
  • If item sells, after buyer pays, you ship it out to buyer.

Find out more about selling on eBay here.

Note: Payments are usually made through PayPal. To find out more about PayPal or to create a PayPal account, visit


Reach More Customers With eBay

With 168 Million active users worldwide on eBay, the chances of you selling your old baby clothes is very high due to the amount of customers you can potential reach.

Ebay And PayPal Fees

One of the downsides to eBay are the seller fees. Not only does eBay charge a fee to sell items, PayPal will also charge you a fee to accept eBay payments(assuming you’re using PayPal to collect payments.).

Find out more about fees here:

eBay fees

PayPal fees


Starting At Zero Feedback On eBay

Ebay sellers and buyers build trust by collecting positive feedback. With new accounts, buyers/sellers will start with zero feedback.

Having zero feedback might be a bit of a drawback because some buyers might not want to buy from a new seller because they’re trustworthiness hasn’t been proven yet.

Sellers can easily raise their feedback number on eBay by buying items first, especially from “Buy It Now”/Fixed Price listings then paying for the item immediately. Major sellers with “buy it now” or Fixed Price listings will usually leave positive feedback quickly.

Nonetheless, it is also possible to sell on eBay with zero feedback with great results. It’s never too late to get started. Start selling on eBay here.

Ebay is also a great place to buy new and used baby clothes. Check out cheap baby clothes on eBay.



2. Sell Name Brand Baby Clothes On Poshmark

Poshmark is an app/website that focuses mainly on name brand fashion and accessories.

Signing up for a Poshmark account is very easy, you can even signup with your Google or Facebook account to make the signup process faster. Signup for a Poshmark account here.

Listing/Posting Baby Clothes On Poshmark

Baby clothes can be listed very quickly on the Poshmark app by using your smartphone to take pictures of the baby clothes and accessories you want to sell and adding a description or by listing them on the by uploading pictures to your listing.

Items listed on the app will appear on the website and vice versa.

You can find out more about listing items on Poshmark here.


Poshmark Fees

At the time of writing this, Poshmark charges a 20% fee to sell items that are over $15 and a flat $2.95 for items under $15.

See Poshmark selling fees here.

If you are using PayPal to accept payments on Poshmark, there will be PayPal fees also.

See PayPal fees here.


Cool Features Of Poshmark

Seller Discounts

Sellers can offer discounts to buyers to accelerate the selling process when a buyer “likes” a single listing or multiple listings. These offers include combined shipping, a percentage off the listed price, etc.


“Posh Party”

You can also attend a “Posh Party” which are virtual events where you can buy and sell items as well as list items with your friends.


Easy Postage Printing

Poshmark offers pre-populated postage with buyer and seller info.

This feature makes it very easy and convenient to ship items out.

No more having to wait in line to pay for postage at the post office. Simply print out your postage, apply it to your package the drop it off.



Buyer Protection

This is more for buyers but…

Poshmark offers “Posh Protection” (buyer protection) on items sold on Poshmark to protect buyer purchases:

  • After a buyer pays for and receives their items, the buyer has 3 days from the delivery date to inform Poshmark of any issues.
  • Items will have to be returned within 5 business days of delivery date if the claim is approved.

Learn more about how Poshmark works here.

Get The Poshmark app here if you don’t already have it.


Sell Your Old Baby Clothes On OfferUp


3. Sell Your New Or Used Baby Clothes On OfferUp

OfferUp is an app that allows users to sell(or buy) items locally without listing fees. It reminds me of Craigslist but better.

The app is picture based instead of text based. This means that every posting is represented by just a picture, no text, not even the price is on the ad link. Once an ad picture is clicked, a post containing the item’s price, description and extra pictures(if seller includes them) opens up.


OfferUp App

Buying And Selling On OfferUp

Sellers list items by adding pictures and a description for an item they want to sell from the app, items can only be listed on the app. See here for more info on posting/listing items.

Once items are posted from the app, they can be viewed on the OfferUp website also. Offers can be made through both the website and the app.

Buyers search for items by keyword or clicking on a category.

Once a desired item is located by a buyer, they can either make an offer through the offer system or ask a question about it or negotiate the price through a message exchange on the OfferUp messaging system.

Once the buyer and seller agree to buy/sell a listed item, if the item is being sold locally, a meeting location is decided, and the item and money are exchanged at this meeting place.


Purchases That Need To Be Shipped

If the item is to be shipped, the buyer pays for the item through the OfferUp payment system then the seller ships the item to the buyer. Once the item has been delivered, the buyer has 2 days, to evaluate the item to make sure it matches it’s post description.

If there is a problem with the item, the buyer can file a claim with OfferUp.

If there are no claims filed after the 2 days, the buyer’s payment card gets charged and the seller gets paid.

See more about nationwide selling and shipping here.


OfferUp Seller Fees For Non-Local Sales

At the time of writing this post, for items that are sold and shipped, OfferUp charges a minimum fee of $1.99 or 9.9% of the item’s sale price. See OfferUp fee information here.


Items that are sold locally and don’t require shipping are free to sell.

Click here to start selling your baby clothes on OfferUp.

Please be safe when meeting up with strangers to buy or sell items. See my safety tips here.



Sell Baby Clothes Thrift Store or Consignment Store


4. Sell Baby Clothes To A Baby Clothes Thrift Store or Consignment Store

When selling(and buying) baby clothes, be sure to look into selling to baby clothes thrift stores or consignment stores. It doesn’t involve having to message, call, text or email a potential buyer. It also doesn’t involve having to find a safe public place to meet a total stranger at.

A consignment store, often times, is the easiest and fastest place to sell baby clothes.

You just drop off your baby clothes, the store associate inspects and picks what they want, then offers you a price.

Baby clothing consignments stores…for the most part, will offer less cash than you would get selling elsewhere though.

Some baby consignment stores will, however, offer you more for your baby clothes if you opt for store credit.

If you’re going to buy things from that consignment store later, it’s a good idea to accept store credit for your baby clothes.

If the baby clothing is new, I would recommend selling them through one of the website/app options listed above because consignment stores, usually, won’t offer very much more cash for new clothes than used clothes.

Buying from baby consignment stores is highly recommended. Not only can you find really good deals on clothing, but most baby consignment stores also sell toys, furniture, accessories, big kids clothes, etc.

Items can usually be found in both new and used condition at baby consignment stores.

One of the downsides to baby consignment stores is, depending on the area that you live in, it may be hard to find a local baby consignment store.

But you can easily find baby consignment stores by searching on Google: “baby consignment stores near me”.


Sell Your Baby Clothes On Letgo


5. Sell Baby Clothes On Letgo

Letgo is basically the same as OfferUp. The main difference is that OfferUp has a “Make Offer” option and Letgo doesn’t.

Another difference is that baby clothes and other items can be posted and viewed on both the Letgo app and website. For more info on listing items on Letgo, check this out.

Letgo is also contains picture-based listings, similar to OfferUp.

Communication between buyer and seller are done in the Letgo messaging system.

I didn’t see a shipping option for items so it looks like Letgo only allows for local selling and buying.

How The Buying/Selling Process Works On Letgo:

  1. Seller posts/lists Item on or the Letgo app..
  2. Buyers respond to posting/listing by message seller through the Letgo messaging system.
  3. Seller and buyer agree on price and a place to meet.
  4. Buyer and seller meet up to exchange cash for item.

To start selling or buying on Letgo, click here.

Please keep safety in mind when meeting up with a stranger(s) to buy or sell items. I have some safety tips here.



6. Sell Baby Clothes On Craigslist

Craigslist is a website that works similarly to OfferUp and Letgo.

Items can be listed easily and without a fee and signing up for a Craigslist account is optional and isn’t required to list items.

The search results or category results page of Craigslist includes listings in this format: Picture(if included) followed by a title for the listing and price.

Once a listing is clicked, users will enter the full posting/listing page which includes the item’s description, pictures(if seller includes them). title, price, seller contact info, etc.

Check out these instructions on how to post on craigslist.

It is recommended that deals are only done locally.

All communication is done either through email, text or call.


The Buying/Selling Process For Craigslist:

  1. Seller posts/lists Item on for sale.
  2. Buyer(s) respond to posting/listing by calling, emailing or texting
  3. Seller and buyer agree on price and a place to meet.
  4. Buyer and seller meet up to complete transaction.

Start buying and selling on Craigslist here.

Again, safety should be the priority. Please check out my safety tips here.


Sell Baby Clothes In A Garage Sale


7. Include Used Baby Clothes In A Garage Sale

Another option to sell your old baby clothes locally is to include some in your garage sale.

Baby related items like clothes, toys, furniture, etc are very popular at garage/yard sales.

If you’re having a garage sale anyway, it doesn’t hurt to include a rack or tub of baby clothes in case there are moms and dads strolling through looking for a deal.

Adding in other baby items would also be a good idea.

However, I do not recommend having a garage sale just to sell a tub of baby clothes. Unless you have a large amount of baby stuff to get rid of It just wouldn’t be worth the trouble.


Meet In A Busy Public Place To Buy/Sell Baby Clothes


Take Precautions When Meeting Up To Buy Or Sell Items

When meeting up with a stranger to buy or sell items, make sure to keep safety in mind.

When I meet up with people to buy, sell or trade items, I always make sure to meet in a busy public place. Some people choose to meet at police stations. inside grocery stores, malls, banks etc.

I also meet people during the day, when there’s light out to ensure that there is proper visibility.

Always make safety a priority when buying, selling or trading items.

If the meetup doesn’t seem safe, it’s okay to cancel.


Sell Baby Clothes In Lot Or Bundle


Tips For Selling Your New Or Used Baby Clothes


Sell In A Baby Clothes Bundle Or Lot

Selling your old baby clothes one article at a time may take forever. Imagine posting or listing one onesie or pajama at a time. Sounds tedious.

I recommend selling in a baby clothes lot or bundle. It looks more attractive and the buyer will feel like they are getting a deal.

Besides that, you can include the pieces that may not sell as well on their own.


Wash Your Used Baby Clothes Before Selling Them

Imagine going to buy baby clothes from a store or seller and you see unsightly stains on them. You’re not going to want to buy.

If you’re the seller, you don’t want to give the buyer any reason to back out of the deal.

Make sure that your baby clothes smell fresh and there are no stains.


If You Won’t Buy It, They Probably Won’t Either

When sorting through your baby’s old clothes to sell, you might come across articles that are in bad condition.

Tattered, faded or overly fuzzy clothes may not be very desirable for most buyers. Baby clothes can be found just about everywhere these days, if you won’t buy it, then they probably won’t either.


Donate your baby clothes

Where To Donate Baby Clothes

If you’re looking to get rid of your baby clothes and you don’t want or need money for them. It’s a great idea to donate them.

Knowing that your old baby clothes is going to a good cause feels good.

Here are a few ways to donate your used baby clothes:




Goodwill is a great option to donate your baby’s old clothes. Just drop it off in their donations section and you’re done. There really isn’t more to is unless you want a tax receipt.

Goodwill donates some of the profits to fund different programs that help local communities.


Value Village 

Value Village is also a good place to donate your unwanted new or used baby clothing.

Just drop it off in their donation bins and you’re done.


Give Baby Clothes To Friends

You can also just give the old baby clothes to your friends that are having babies.

The only downside is that you may not always have friends that are having babies, and if you do, the baby’s genders may not match.


Hand-Me-Down Baby Clothes



Keep The Baby Clothes For Possible Hand-Me-Downs

In some cases, it’s good to just keep the baby clothes if you and your partner may want to have another baby somewhere down the road.

Just grab some nice storage containers and store your baby’s old clothes in the garage or the closet to hand down to a future.

I found some great storage containers here on Amazon, check it out!



As you can see, if you have new or used baby clothes that you no longer need, there are plenty of places online and locally to get rid of them.

Having a bigger audience to sell your baby clothes to, theoretically, will allow for a higher sale price. But that’s not a promise.

Saving time sometimes is more valuable to the seller, in this case, selling locally to a consignment store may be a better choice. Keep in mind though, that consignment stores will sometimes pay a lot less for your used baby clothes than selling to a buyer directly.

The consignment is the middle man, therefore they will buy for less and sell for more.

Imagine if you cut out the middle man, you’ll be selling your old baby clothes directly to the buyer for a bigger return. Be sure to keep seller fees in mind.

The good thing about consignment stores though is that they will save you time, but they might not buy all your pieces.

Regardless of which way you choose to sell your baby clothes, please always make safety a priority!

Happy selling!!



If you found any of these options useful or you just like the post, please leave me a comment below. Thanks for reading!



This post contains one or more affiliate links. I get a commission if you make a purchase through the affiliate link(s). Among other things, the commissions help me keep this website up and running. Thank you for helping! See Affiliate Disclosure for more information.

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